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Welcome to the site of LookSeeBuy.
LookSeeBuy is a store-in-Store, here you will find several shops underneath a virtual roof.
All items are sent electronically once payment has been made.
Using LookSeeBuy:
Register using the link 'New User'.
Enter your email address as user name, along with your password.
You receive an email asking you click on the included link.
This will verify your email address.
After verifying your email address, you can login into the site.
After logging in you select items from the store and checkout.
You can do this by first selecting an iSeller.
You can also upgrade your account to a iCustomer account or iSeller account.
You need to supply additional information, such as a valid bankaccount number.

An iCustomer and iSeller account gives you access to an eWallet.
You can feed your eWallet via various payment methods.
Using your Ewallet credit is made possible by doing a transfer request to your registered bank account.
You can also use the eWallet for payments to affiliated organizations.
The number of affiliated organizations is growing every week.
Any transfer request must be confirmed by email.
In addition to the iCustomer account, the iSeller account offers the possibility to promote your products in the store.
As an iSeller, you manage your articles yourself.
Proceeds from sales are added to your eWallet.
Questions or comments?
let us know by emailing Admin@LookSeeBuy.net